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I want to tell you about Wondrium. Both as a translator and a knowledge-thirsty person, I spend a lot of time watching streaming content on Wondrium. There is so much to learn, especially for me the top-notch courses taught by world-renowned professors. Courses are typically between 12 and 24 lessons long. Each course comes with a guidebook with more information such as resources of interest. Much like Netlix, besides streaming them, you are able to download courses to your device to watch them later and can also speed them up and slow them down, which I find useful, especially with lecturers who speak slowly. These courses have helped me understand my work better, as the subjects are explained by experts and they help me to understand whole concepts and not just individual terms. In fact, with a good teacher, I end up thinking differently about a subject and connecting the dots by the end of the course.

For example, in the Energy course I am watching now, I learned about extracting oil from rock like shale and specifically what fracking is.

Some topics you might consider viewing:

  • Linguistics (See the courses by the great linguist John McWhorter)

  • Law

  • Science

  • Philosophy

And anything you are passionate about. At $150 per year, it’s not too steep and you get a one-month trial to see if you like it.

And in case you were wondering, I am in no way affiliated with Wondrium and do not receive any benefits from posting this.

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