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There Is No Such Thing As a Free Lunch

But you can get something without paying for it in return for something that's easy for you to do. Don't worry — everything I talk about here on this blog is legit. So let me get into the details before you decide I'm talking about something else.

It's amazing how much you can obtain from people if you're nice to them. I guess that's part of common courtesy, and you could say that everyone should be that way. But things don't work that way. So ask yourself: is there something you need that you could get on the Internet by asking someone nicely and offering something in return? I'm sure there is. I've done it before, and it has worked on occasion!

Let's say that there is some translation software that is either too expensive for you or you just don't want to pay that much for it. It's worth a try to contact the developer, and this part is important, give them some sort of complement on their software or website. Then, you can offer to write a review of their software. This, of course is beneficial to the developer, because it's a bona fide review, and these things get indexed. And if it doesn't work, then you've lost nothing.

I know that this is something for everyone, so if you're not comfortable doing it, or you prefer to pay full price, then please disregard. I did want to alert you to the discount on Wordfast if you live in a developing country (Don't you just love the term "developing"?) you get a hefty discount, so please bear that in mind.

The other benefit from contacting a software developer or maybe author is that you could potentially build a relationship with that person, and it is certainly to your advantage for more people to know who you are.

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