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Splitting hairs

I know I can be annoying in everyday conversations. I have to remember that I am not working with languages when I speak. However, when I am working, it pays to make marked differences between apparently simple and similar terms. I never proposed to work this way; it just happened over the years.

What terms am I talking about. Well, as I understand it, no synonym has the same meaning as the word it's being compared to. There is always a difference in meaning. But there are crucial differences between certain terms that again, make a huge difference depending on which one is employed. This is further exacerbated when there is one word in the source language that is translated as two separate words in the target language. Which to choose.

With that in mind, I have prepared a list for you to be analyzed and explained over several blog posts to come.

safety security

customer client

motor engine

staff personnel

rip tear

spend expend

supervision oversight

meeting session

income revenue

prize award

business day working day

vacation holiday

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