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I am NOT a Dictionary

I have seen many translators publish in forums that they are not dictionaries. By this, from what I have gleaned, they mean that when conversing with people, they are sometimes quizzed on how to translate words and phrases on the spot. This means that instant translation of any word at any time is not part of their job description. However, I see this as defeating because there is no reason that a translator couldn't be a dictionary, at least for a vast swath of terms. Why not?

I know that part of achieving the OneDraft method is loading as much information, including terminology, to be translated on the spot, in your head. Anything that you have to look up, anything that you doubt or hesitate to enter into a translation means lost time. So, if you have a lull, why not read a dictionary for fun? I do it on occasion, and it is edifying, to say the least.

Ultimately, if you tell people that you are not a dictionary, you might prompt them to not recommend you. It has a negative ring to it.

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