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Elephants Never Forget

or so suggest stylized image of an elephant – the application's logo. Since computers never die, at least not completely, Evernote is undoubtedly a better solution than an elephant. This application is a fair way of taking notes, although it is not limited to just notes. I admit that I'm not the most organized user of Evernote, and that's okay because it's customizable to every user's needs and methods. Before giving you the lowdown on some ways you can use it, I would like to say that my favorite use is a log for remembering things. What I mean by that, is when I want to know the last time I went with the family to Chuck E. Cheese's (a lot of people here in Santiago think that it is "Chuck & Cheese" because of the cursive "E" that may look like an ampersand to some people. I would like to set them straight on that, but I know that it's not going to go over that nicely. So, instead of guessing or asking someone, all I have to do is look for the receipt I scanned, or one of the photos you can take in the photo booth there, and voila! I get the date, and proof to show to whomever is interested.

Chuck E. Cheese's aside, when you're translating, you can translate right into the note that you're working on and later transfer it to a word processing program. You can clip pages of KudoZ answers, so you can search them later, or, if you like, you can just clip the link to the page. If you need to do research on the subject matter, you can also clip those webpages for easy access. I also see potential for putting together systems and methods that would involve several specialized software programs that you might not need/want to pay for. Just an example would be a list of favorite links that you could categorize however you wanted.

Now for official Evernote suggestions:

Key Features:

  • Note creation: Create notes in text, image, audio, and web page format

  • Notebook organization: Organize notes into notebooks for easy categorization and searching

  • Tagging system: Tag notes for easy searching and retrieval

  • Cross-platform compatibility: Access your notes from any device, including your computer, smartphone, and tablet

  • Collaboration tools: Share notes and notebooks with friends and colleagues

  • Powerful search: Quickly find what you need with Evernote's powerful search capabilities


  • Personal productivity: Use Evernote to keep track of your thoughts, ideas, and tasks

  • Project management: Organize and share project information with team members

  • Study and research: Keep track of important information for school or work projects

  • Travel planning: Organize your travel plans and itinerary in one place

  • Recipe collection: Store and categorize your favorite recipes for easy reference

Evernote Premium:

For even more features and capabilities, Evernote offers a Premium subscription service. With Evernote Premium, you can enjoy:

  • Increased monthly upload limit

  • Access to your notes offline

  • Advanced searching and sorting capabilities

  • More collaboration tools, including the ability to share notes with password protection

In conclusion, Evernote is a versatile and powerful tool that can help you boost your productivity and keep your life organized. As with most tools, I do not evangelize, but rather set it before you as a viable option, knowing that there are many more note-taking apps that may suit you better.

P.S. I'm going to teach Chuck E. Cheese how to use Evernote to his advantage

, because it is a known fact that elephants are afraid of mice!

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