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Beware the Degoo

Degoo is a cloud storage application that works well in principle. Depending on what deal you get, you can buy from three to fifty terabytes for a low price. I think I paid $300 for 10 TB of storage. I like that it has a photo gallery and stores data from your cell phone too. Speaking of cell phones, there is an app that syncs with your computer so you always have your files at your fingertips.

So why the warning? My reason is twofold: I have gotten random messages from Degoo that if I do not log on by a certain date, my account will be closed, and given that such and such files in my account are copyrighted, I either have to appeal explaining why those files are stored on Degoo or my account will also be closed.

What is wrong with having copyrighted files in a cloud account? I don't see the difference between that and storing the same files on my computer's hard drive. Also, how could I fill up ten terabytes of storage with just blog posts in Word format? It's ridiculous.

My theory is that Degoo is looking for an excuse to boot existing users so that they can use that space for new and unsuspecting ones.

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